How It Works

1. Prepare your beach essentials

Grab your beach bag and pack those must-have items for a relaxing day at the beach!

2. Pick the perfect spot

Head Beds make the perfect spot easy to find. No more mounding sand, simply unfold and you're ready to go!

3. Relax in comfort

We take relaxation very seriously, maybe too seriously. Head Beds will help transport you to paradise. 

The new beach essential

Latest Reviews

Makes for the ultimate tanning session. Easy to carry and provides absolute comfort: a must-have beach item

Daniela - Rio, Brazil

Best item for a hungover day on the beach. Water bottle, towel and a few ZZZZ's in the sun

Ben - Sydney

My boyfriend bought one and I was sceptical at first but after trying it, I wont go to the beach without it!

Karla - Bondi