Our Story

Head Beds was founded in 2008 during a trip to South America. After spending many hours chilling on the beach over the years and noticing the different array of items people use to prop up their heads; including towels, footballs, cushions you would find on a couch, and a whole heap of other weird and wonderful items, it was clear that something more bespoke was needed that actually provided the necessary support and was easy to transport to the beach.

After meeting a local market trader (Diego) in the North East of Brazil who handmade beach deckchairs, I asked whether it was possible for him to make me something on a slightly smaller scale.

After spending 3 days with Diego, and drinking plenty of local cachaça (local spirit produced using sugarcane juice) he constructed a wooden frame made from bamboo and cloth, which resembled a deckchair for hamsters. After quite some refinement, and more cachaça, I was able to walk away with my own purpose built beach head rest.

A few years of deliberation later, and considering the need for this product, Head Beds officially launched its first range in 2012. 5 years on and thousands of units sold, it is clear that we had stumbled across something which is a must have to enhance the experience for anyone that enjoys spending quality time at the beach.

Designed in Australia

The design process started with local inspirations here in Australia to understand the needs and wants of the beach goer. It is fair to say that a number of refinements have been made to our product since Diego first made that initial mini deckchair. A cushioned support has been added, the frame has been reinforced, and materials are used that are built to last.